Movie Marathon Week…uh, I mean…Camp

Sunday I left home to go to a Movie Marathon Week with my friends….oh, I mean Camp….and I will be here for a few days. We have quite the set list lined up on movies to watch!!!



Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

Star Wars


Underworld: 4

Lord of the Rings: 4

Harry Potter: 8

Star Wars: 6

TOTAL HOURS: 51Hrs 50 Min

Underworld: 6 Hrs 47 Min

Lord of the Rings: 12 Hrs 7 Min

Harry Potter: 19 Hrs 39 Min

Star Wars: 13 Hrs 17 Min

Boy do we have quite a week in store for us……..and this morning we had quite an adventure, Marty and I, waking up Lane……..she managed to get a knife in her possession and things got ten times more entertaining!!! She hates being woken up and Marty had yet to wake her up……..oh boy was I dying of laughter!!!!

So this is the last of my coverage for now on the Movie Marathon Camp!!!!

Rory Gilmore,

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The Trip of a Lifetime!!!


The Trip of a Lifetime!!!

Every college kid plans on going down to see Mardi Gras first hand at some point in their life, right? well my best friend, Lane and I have been talking about our trip for over a year now and last night we managed to crank out some pretty good solid plans within three hours!!!

We figured we would make a whole big trip out of it and go on a road trip going through a total of 7 states so far, not including our home state of Sunny California…and while looking through Google map to see if there was a way to save it…I found this!!!

An embed-able map that you can post onto your site!!!! I originally had the first and last two destinations as Lane and I’s address but to keep all you little stalkers away I put it as Orange County.

We put along our route some famous places to visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Grand Canyon

The Four Corners

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Amarillo, Texas

Our best friend Marty’s College to be, Baylor University

Houston, Texas

and finally,

The French Quarter!!

We have a few stops along the way that we want to make as well, for instance, Lane has been addicted to the show Diners, Drive In and Dives and we plan on stopping at a few of those places if they are along our way. We are also going to go paint balling at Aggression Paintball in Amarillo either on the trip there or on the trip back depending on what days we would be passing through there.

We also hope to have my Father, Christopher, help us out a little bit by maybe using the family discount at hotels under the command of his hotel’s chain, Starwood. It is going to take quite a lot of money which we will start budgeting how much we might need soon and we are going to try and pay for this all by ourselves. It is going to take a while…what I estimate to be about 15 days…but it should be one of our favorite memories ever. We plan on having a lot of fun!! Hopefully we can crank out our budget soon!!!

2:00 am…….Post. Of. TERROR!!!!!!

Let me tell you all a tale…..A tale of horror…..A tale that will chill you to the bone…..

Our story begins in a young teenage girl’s bedroom. She is lying there all comfy, pillows propped up and the bed coming undone a bit from movement, she has her laptop in her lap as she sits there multitasking. The year: Two Thousand and Thirteen. The Time: 12:42 pm, a time that shall live in infamy. As this young girl sits on her computer, messaging a friend on Face Book and reading on her favorite book sharing website, she has no clue of the danger that awaits her when she finally decides to go to bed. She says goodnight to her friend, Marty. She finishes reading a chapter on her newest read. She gets ready to close the computer before she can get tempted to read some more. Placing the computer on a nearby table that she has had since she was a child to play on she prepares her desk to hold the clothes she has had at the foot of the bed all day. Picking up small piles she sees no harm in the first two batches, but it is the third that makes her scream.

For out of this measly pile of a pair of jeans and a shirt comes jumping out a huge, thick bodied, black spider. The girl drops the clothes with a shriek that is foreign to her ears. Normally the case being she gasps and backs away, she was surprised that she had uttered the sound, but then again not as surprised as the fact that the spider jumped from a mere inch from her hand back onto her bed. Thoughts go racing through her head as she stands there frozen, staring at the creature that had caused her heart to race and was still making it beat as furiously. Did she touch it? Did it come close to crawling on her hand? Did it crawl on either of the feet that she had near the clothes? What on Earth was she going to do to get rid of it?

Suddenly her mind was made up as the thing that held her terror started to crawl back towards her clothes, wanting to hid in the folds of the semi warm cloth to avoid the light. She raced to the bathroom, flicking on the light, and grabbed a Kleenex from the box on the tank of the toilet. Rushing back to her room she could see that the spider had almost made it to her destination. Holding back her terror until she could get rid of the accursed thing, she quickly snatched the creature off her bed, only to have to drop the tissue onto the floor.

The girl had found upon closer inspection that when she had grabbed the arachnid from her sheets she hadn’t fully grasped him and he was about to crawl onto her thumb. After throwing the tissue to the ground the black spot moved out from underneath it in a hurry. The girl knew she had to act quickly before he disappeared somewhere inside of her room. She picked up the tissue once more and grasped the spider firmly in her clutches. She heisted for only a moment before running into the bathroom and flicking up the lid of the toilet. She tried to throw the tissue into the bowl, but it wasn’t wanting to leave her fingers. The girl barely managed to keep her hand over the water as the creature body fell inside, closely followed by the tissue. Before anything else could happen she flushed it, sending it to it’s watery grave.

The girl walked back inside the room she had come from, afraid of what else lurked on her bed. She grabbed her blanket and ran to her father’s old room to spend the night as she had a few nights prior. She thought back on the recent events in her life. She had been terrified by a total of five spiders within two weeks, two of them being Daddy Long Legs while the rest were the thick bodied ones she had encountered that night. The first to attack was a daddy long leg, jumping out at her as she tried to open the door to her garage and upon failure of landing upon her hand immediately jumped back to the cutting boards. That night ended after an hour long battle against the creature, ending when he made the fatal mistake of going to the sink drain where the Girl scalded him to death.

The next terror filled night had been only three days ago when the second Daddy long leg had crawled up her arm, surprising her into breaking a glass of fruit juice. When the girl had relocated after picking up all of the glass she went to her room, only to find a thick bodied spider upon her ceiling. Terrified after the first encounter of the night she relocated once again to her mother’s room. Shortly after her arrival there another thick bodied spider made itself known to her and she had to move into what she believed was the last hold out, her father’s room.

She had had five run ins with spiders in the past two weeks, three of them she was convinced were attacks upon her person. As the girl sat on her father’s bed, pillows propped up, a blanket underneath her to protect the uncovered mattress, and typing away on her computer, more thoughts plagued her mind. Could their be another one waiting for her in here? Could she met with one tomorrow while hanging out with one of her friends? Would she be able to sleep at all tonight? But the one thing that plagued her mind most of all was that if these past two weeks had shown anything the spiders were upping their attacks and if they showed themselves again after three days, just how soon was it until their next attack? Dun Dun DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is the end of my tale of the past two hours and thus the conclusion to my 2:00 am………Post. Of. TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s in your bed tonight?………

Sunday School Surprise!!

Tomorrow my kids should be getting a small surprise to find I have some fun activities planned for Sunday School!!! I have been working with the preschool Sunday School class since February and I enjoy it, not only is it good training for what I want to do, but I get to hang out with adorable kids while they learn about the bible. The lady in charge of the group was messaging me on Facebook yesterday asking if I could come up with some crafts for the kids to do and I said yes right away!!! So I came up with some clever ideas through pictures I found on Google. Here are those pictures…

A craft for when we learn about Baby Moses during Children's Church

A craft for when we learn about Baby Moses during Children’s Church

A idea for what I can do for the craft dealing with Jesus healing the blind man

A idea for what I can do for the craft dealing with Jesus healing the blind man

So there are 2 portions to helping out with Sunday School. There is the actual Sunday School between the 8:00 service and the 10:30 service where we will be learning about Jesus healing the Blind man…..the bottom picture has me thinking I can bring these sashes I have and we can tie them over the kids eyes and have them draw on one side of the paper while blindfolded and the other side while they can see.

Children’s Church is the second portion of Sunday School. It is where the kids are dismissed during the second service, right before the sermon begins and they stay there until after church, to go to their Sunday School rooms and have a sermon of their own more centered around a child’s understanding of the bible then what they’d get during a church service. This is where we will be learning about Baby Moses being placed in the Nile. I found this project (top photo) to be incredibly interesting and it spurred me to spend an hour making six baby baskets that we can glue to a piece of paper. I still have to make cut outs of either the kids or my own hands tomorrow though. Here are the pictures of me at work on those babies in their baskets…..


One down, five to go


All six ready and done


Closeup of basket #1

Closeup of basket #1

Suffice it to say I am not the best artist, but when I want to I can make it look like what I am trying to draw. Maybe I should make a page with all the drawings I have done over the years along with ones I have commissioned to be done by friends of mine. Food for thought I guess………


Disneyland!!!! Talley Ho!!!!

I am absolutely dog tired today……the title might suggest as to why…….but it was 100% worth it!!! I do have to go in a wheelchair because of my disorder, but it actually becomes a perk with going through the exits so you actually go on more rides then anyone else!!! On the rides where you could get a picture we went to the booths or to the screens and I took a picture with my phone…..and I have them all right here!!!

First time with my hands up, although Lane's arm is in front of my face. Front to back: Lane, Rory, Doyle.

First time with my hands up, although Lane’s arm is in front of my face. Front to back: Lane, Rory, Marty.

Lane got drenched while Marty and I only got our shoes really wet. we moved through a lot of the park and the rides and if I really think about it I can tell you exactly which rides we went on, how many times, and when…..but I’m too tired to do that right now.

Lane loves Eeyore, so I had to get a picture....

Lane loves Eeyore, so I had to get a picture….

Before we went on Splash Mountain Lane kept saying how she wished Eeyore was at the meet and greet spot instead of Rabbit and Pooh, and guess who showed up as we left the ride!!! Lane tried to get his attention, but not even my help could get him to look our way…..She was very sad about that while Marty and I laughed about how Eeyore had ignored her. Yes….we are amazing friends…..

While going through the Fastpass we saw these four familiar faces!! I recognize them all, but I really know the guy making the funny face!!!

While going through the Fastpass we saw these four familiar faces!! I recognize them all, but I really know the guy making the funny face!!!

When we finally transferred over to DCA we went to what used to be Mullholland Madness, but is now Goofy’s Sky School, and saw this group of people from our old High School, Chilton!! I called out to the one making a funny face and told him to smile…..this is what he gave me!!! 😛

Our first time on California Screaming for the day.

Our first time on California Screaming for the day.

After Mullholland, I still call it that and probably always will, we went to Silly Symphony Swings and the California Screaming. It was Lane’s first time at Disney Land since she was 6 and her first time in DCA since it opened a few months later. We kept telling her all day that when we go on this ride she should keep her head back at the beginning because you get launched and to take a breath at the last second to….she didn’t head our warning and got a headache from her head being thrown backwards, but I managed to keep my hands up through the majority of the ride for the first time in my life!!! Normally my hand have a death grip on the handles!!! We got to sit right in front so the few moments of lag, to get over a hill, made the ride even better in my opinion.

Second time on the ride, directly after the first, and in the very back car.

Second time on the ride, directly after the first, and in the very back car.

We decided to go on one more time and this time we sat in the back since we had just sat in the front. Since Lane still had a headache from the first time it probably wasn’t smart of her to go on again directly after, and this was the result, but I kept my hands up again!!! As we pulled into the station I all of a sudden heard Marty say that he thought Lane might be dead….and boy did she look it!!! She had trouble getting out of the car and was really dizzy after, so I let Marty push her in my wheelchair to our next destination because I didn’t want her falling down, plus my knees were starting to lock up and I really needed to walk for a little bit.

I think my 'I survived the Tower of Terror' shirt is appropriately placed......

I think my ‘I survived the Tower of Terror’ shirt is appropriately placed……

This ride is one of my favorites….I have a I survived shirt and a Lanyard with a pass thing on it. Lane was a bit nervous to go on it seeing as she doesn’t like elevators and she was actually having trouble afterwords, but she eventually admitted that her only problem with the ride was that it felt too much like an elevator for her and she couldn’t take her mind off of that. She also said that if it were a bit more open she would enjoy it a lot better and that she loved the theme and the effects. Marty and I felt really bad about her having to go in a lot of elevators, she would sit on my lap in every elevator we had to go on because of the wheelchair so that I could hold her really tight and keep her mind off of it, and then making her go in a ride that pretty much was an elevator. Although Lane did find something to heighten the experience. She was so scared she ignored the attendants advice to keep her feet on the ground. I reprimanded her the first time, but did it with her the second and found that I was lifted completely out of the seat, only being held down by my seat belt so I did it the rest of the ride!!! It might have made it worse for her, but it made it better for me!!!

GO GO GO GO GO GO GO........WE WON!!!!!!


We had a lot of fun with this ride. The last time I went on it I went through Luigi’s and this time we went through Ramone’s…..When we got to the race the people in the car opposite us apparently had no idea why I was giving them a bit of a stare down and telling them we are going to beat them until the race began, obviously their first time on the ride, and then they were being as competitive as I was. Lane and I began screaming out in a chant like form for the car to go…..there were a few times when the other car pulled a few feet ahead, but we eventually won by a full car length!!! As you can see in the picture Lane is cheering for our win while I am still shaking my fists like I was when I was chanting, just this time for our win!!! Then when we took this picture we found something interesting that made us laugh like crazy!!!

A Tale of Two Hairstyles....The Windblown and the 'In Your Face.'

A Tale of Two Hairstyles….The Windblown and the ‘In Your Face.’

We noticed that while my hair was being flown perfectly towards Lane, trying to block her out we believe, Lane’s hair was currently attacking her. We also noticed how the Grandma posed just right to make her seem like she could have been photo shopped into the photo!!! We found it quite funny!!!

A little joke between friends just got worse....

A little joke between friends just got worse….

Lane and I have a friend…we met him in the German room during Lunch and another one of our friends started to call him something that he hated…..his name is Gabe……so our friend started calling him Gabby……well……..this painting just brings Gabby to a whole new level of mean!!!!!! We love you prince-SS Gabby!!!!! 😛

The second to last ride of the night. The last was Space Tours.

The second to last ride of the night. The last was Space Tours.

Space Mountain…….A classic Disney ride….one of the perks of being a wheelchair is getting to go through the exits… a hour long wait for the regular line can turn into a 5-15 minute wait for Handicap!!! Space mountain is one of the few exceptions to this rule, because it is so popular everyone wants to be going on it so the exit/handicap line can be up to a 45 minute wait. Luckily last night it was just a 25 minute wait before we got in. If you have ever been one of the people behind a completely empty car then you probably know how the handicap gets into the regular line. They leave a car completely empty and the handicap car, which is off to the left of the main track, gets moved sideways onto the main track, leaving the empty car on the right until our return. The handicap car then slides back to the right, to let the people get out and to their wheelchairs, and letting the car full of invisible ghosts go on the ride. Marty and Lane both commented on the ‘mini ride’, as I call it, as making them feel special.

Before we left the park we moved, very slowly I might add, through the shops on Main Street so I could find something to buy. My teacher had given me some money to buy something and I had some money to buy some pins so I could get started collecting. I bought a mickey mouse head necklace, gold with some rubies to make the Mickey head, and a pair of Pins, Ariel and Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

The day was super fun and we were all extremely tired, me using Marty’s shoulder as a pillow as we drove them to the other side of the park to meet their ride, Lane leaning on her elbow with her head in her hand as she slept, and effectively going home and passing out. After they left the car I took up the whole backseat, I vaguely remember my mom trying to ask me something that I was too tired to answer. I fell asleep to Luke and Lorelai talking and woke up when we dropped Luke back off at his place, barely staying awake to talk to my mom on the short ride home. I had a good eight hours of sleep before waking up half as tired as when I went to sleep……I haven’t completely left my bed all day because I fear I can pass out from exhaustion at any moment….

PPS…Or…My Last Day as a Kid…(According to the Law)

Today…..the last of an age. Tomorrow…..The beginning of a new one. The sunset tonight will signify this for me. The light dimming, signifying the end of something, only to return with the promise of new adventure……

It feels odd to think that tomorrow I will be considered an adult under the law. I believe myself to have, what I affectionately call, Peter Pan Syndrome. I don’t grow old. I have been a kid all my life and though in some aspects I have grown up and had to be very adult, but I never wanted to be an adult. As a kid I promised myself that I would never grow up and become a stuff adult, no matter how old I get, and I have managed to do that…people call me a giant kid.

But on closer look at my life lately I have found that not once have I climbed a tree and when I have tried I get deterred by spiders, I have been correcting my own grammar along with others, I have worn quite a few serious expression this past week and past few months, I have found myself looking older, and not once have I run away from these things. I guess the most shocking part of this is, I am still one of the biggest children I know!

When I went onto YouTube this evening to find songs for this I already knew I was going to grab “I won’t grow up”, but I was looking at another song and found it to be saying exactly how I have been feeling lately. This girl has a really good voice and the lyrics actually have a message compared to something that just sounds good…

I guess we will see how tomorrow goes….my big 18 plans are pretty much going to Al’s with Christopher and Kirk….oh joy….and then spending the day watching movies with Lorelai and Luke…hopefully. I don’t know for sure if that’s what we are doing….but its what I hope for. It may not be the special event that Lorelai was hoping for, but it is absolutely perfect to me!!!!

I’m off to enjoy my last few hours as a 17 year old by watching movies and reading online!!!

Say What You Need To Say….

This one is for everyone out there going through problems…….Need to vent? Say what you need to say. Have something on your mind? Say what you need to say. Things in your life not going as planned? Say what you need to say. Everything going right, want to congratulate yourself on a personal accomplishment, need to scream out loud (for either good or bad reasons? SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY!!!!!

As the song says…..

Even if your hands are shakin’
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closin’
Do it with a heart wide open