How to – Make-up Purse

I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but I have this post and another lined up to coordinate with my Mother’s post for back to school. For this one it is a simple fix on an everyday problem for girls. Ever find your purse is lacking in space? Wish you had the right size purse for the occasion without having to go to large or just barely too small? Wish the color was different? Well I have the perfect trick for you. I was getting ready to go to the Orange International Street fair with Mom and Luke when I realized I had too much to put in my purse. The only larger size I had was a tote and I had no idea what to do. I looked in my closet and couldn’t find anything else so I looked around my room and found the perfect thing.


If this is what your purse looks like on a daily basis, jam packed full of things you need…

image (5)

But you don’t need a tote this size for those few small things…

image (6)

And you have one of these makeup bags…

Well then I guess you are set!

Your smaller purse will need to have a detachable handle or shoulder strap like this…

image (4)

And the zipper of the makeup bag to only be attached along the sides and not at either end, like this…

image (14) image (15)

Otherwise this trick doesn’t work.

Detach it, like so, from the one side…

image (8)

Place your purse inside the makeup bag and thread the strap through the hole created by the zipper…

image (7)

You have now created more space on the sides of your original purse.

image (2)

I can list for you what I have where even so you can get an idea of what all you can place inside your new purse as well as where you can put them.

image (16)

Here inside my smaller purse I have my wallet, keys, compact, lipstick, lip-brush and hand sanitizer.

image (17)

On the backside of the smaller purse, due to the decoration on the front, I have my phone and iTouch with its ear buds. By doing that the metal studs on the front decoration aren’t scratching my screens.

image (18)

On the front side of the smaller purse I have a pen and some lip balm. just some small items that I will use often enough in an easy location and they are items that you wouldn’t mind being scratched by the studs. You can also add a hair tie or a small notepad there as well as you would use them just as often for things and they wouldn’t get scratched.

Two additional things and then you can be on your way with your new purse.

1. Since the purse is only attached on the one corner, at least with this particular make-up bag, if you unzip it while its on your side, then this might happen…


The make-up bag will dangle and things might fall out. Take for instance, my hand sanitizer, at the street fair I needed to pack up from the concert the final night of The American Wake that Mom, Luke and I saw and I didn’t realize it had fallen out. It almost got left behind until I looked down, as I always do to keep from tripping, and I bent down to pick it up. Its a good thing my habit of being a klutz has trained me to watch my feet when walking or else the hand Sanitizer would have been left behind.


2. The fun thing about detachable purses is that they come with nifty locks already built in! No more worrying about if someone might slip their hand inside while you aren’t paying to close of an attention to your belongings.

Take your Make-up Purse and unlatch the strap on the side the slider of the zipper is on when closed. Do not take it off but loop the hook through the loop on the draw strap part of the zipper, like below.

image (3)


Now here I have it going through the smaller purse first, but now you can do this a second time through the Make-up bag’s zipper for added security.

image (1)

Anyone who tries has to unlatch it which causes more movement of the purse then they would like and it would alert you if it is on your person, but they also run the risk of the purse and its items falling on the floor if you have the purse on the back of a chair. Its a simple trick that helps to deter any sneaky thieves.

Swiper, no swiping

For those that don’t know who this clever little fox is, this is Swiper the Fox. Dora constantly has to tell him to stop swiping on her show, Dora the Explorer. Sometimes he succeeds, but most of the time he snaps his fingers and says ‘Aww Man’ before running away. Even though I never truly liked the show I’ve always loved how Swiper gets shut down, so I had to add this…

So just from me simply seeing a makeup bag on my desk I have managed to make a whole post for you!!!! The fun thing about the makeup bags is that if you have the one purse you can change out the make-up bags with different colors or prints to go with your outfits or however you feel that day and you can actually fold them up a bit for storage and they are much cheaper then buying a new purse. Since I only have the one make-up bag that would work I would like to get a couple more in different colors that would work so I am not stuck with Hot Pink all the time.

Also on a bit of a side note, my mother and I have already started to delve into the fun and exciting world of Halloween. Mom was doing something online yesterday and she called me up to see something. She had found the sheet music to Grim Grinning Ghosts. I was so excited that I hopped onto my magical flying broom and flew downstairs to the piano and started learning how to play it. I am currently on page 4 of 5. Maybe that will have to be another post to do for you guys sometime…

image (13)


If you take this idea up send me a picture of what you’ve done!


If you have done anything similar tell me about it because I’d love to hear about it!


Book Suggestion: The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. I am currently reading the third book of the series, Passion. On that note, go join my mother’s Challenge!


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