Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh geez. November was hectic, I had my play, Little Shop of Horrors to do, I was working towards my goal of 50k which sadly I only reached 28,678, Thanksgiving, and then in December I had Christmas decorating to do, along with a Christmas concert, and now Christmas take down. I have also had to do homework and cleaning up my room. Needless to say that I am a teenager so there was a lot of slacking off, and that time was spent reading online. I also got to hang out with Lane and Marty over break!! I had them both over for New Years…poor Marty…he was tortured by Lane and I, but that’s what he gets for going to college in Texas!! 🙂 When Lane came early for New Years she brought along some copies of the photo booth pictures the three of us had taken in the summer. And its hilarious how Marty and I look so much like a couple without even trying :P…we constantly laugh at how many people think Marty is dating either Lane or myself. Well, here are those pictures 🙂



Yeah……I tried pushing him out of the picture so he grabbed hold of my hands. Then when we had to pose for another picture he put me in a choke hold to get me to behave…it was kind of funny 😛 We got more while he was down for Christmas break, but Lane still needs to make copies of those. The new pictures are even worse then these…even more…couple-y.

Oh well! Hopefully your Holidays were awesome! You can see me as a Christmas tree on my mom’s blog, Life with Lorelai, and see more of her amazing ideas!

If you’re looking for anything good to read, go check out this website, and you can read books from any genre. I personally am in love with this website and it will be two years since I joined the sight in May.


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