NaNoWriMo Approach-eth!!!






NaNoWriMo Approach-eth!!!!

How do I know this? Well I happen to be an email subscribee to, a website which posts daily cartoons relating to one particular subject, a fictional Nano group of hilarious characters and their journey through the NaNoWriMo process. Today I got an email informing me of a new post. I oh so eagerly clicked on the link, with my mother watching my child like glee as she impatiently waited for me to send an email out with my entry for a Pumpkin Carving Contest, to see the first in a month and a half long tale of this rag tag gang of people!

Today’s comic was another classic between Jen and Rob. Poor Rob…Jen forgot something big…and they are roommates!!! I guess NaNoWriMo will do that to you!! But anyways Jen got me thinking, as she obsessed over her lack of pre-nano organization skills and her non existent outline that maybe I should start on my Nano early for once! I have always done nano as a ‘by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ adventure, taking caution to the wind and throwing the rules out of the window! So I figured I would find an old idea, one that I had stored away for possible use for the next nano-ing season, but just after I found an idea that had been started a few months prior to today and worked on it a bit, this happened.



And this…


And yes……even the proverbial excuse of this….



yes…even a simple game of solitaire has distracted me… I have a feeling this nano-ing season I shall be very much like Anxious Jen, Social Rob, Serious Victoria, Boy-Crazy Bea, Crafty Andrew, Blogger Mel, Over-Zealous Fran, Moody Tim….and the most sinful of all….Annoying Ed, but all in all it looks to be like good times are fast coming!!! I even managed to rope my Best Friend Lane into coming to a couple of them with me!!! 😀

So I guess keep watch for any horror or comic stories over the next few weeks!!!!