I Am a Horrible Blog Poster

I probably should have mentioned this long ago, but I am absolutely horrible at writing blogs…I think I had two before these and each one didn’t last. The first one I lost my password and couldn’t remember it…the second one I lost access to because it was connected to my old email. When I made one connected to the blog I went to go change the email on the blog, but I couldn’t remember the password and when I went to my old email the password wasn’t working and somehow I had gotten locked out of email.

Believe it or not though this isn’t the longest I’ve gone without a post…6 months and 5 days is the record.

So…I should probably tell you some of the things that have happened since the last post…shouldn’t I…

Well…August I spent the week at my best friend Lane’s house watching movies, but after my last post my other best friend, Marty, moved down to Texas sop he could go to Baylor…the jerk…and school started up for me. Lane is currently trying to find a job. And then of course the traditional troubles with my Father, Christopher.

September brought on more challenges with Christopher that had to be dealt with, Auditions for the musical Little Shop of Horrors and I got the part of Mrs. Luce. so I have been dealing with rehearsals and I managed to learn my lines, a full college rule page worth of lines, in under 24 hours of getting my script. I still have yet to learn how to sing half of my lines, but that will come within the next week or so. ย I hate math. I hate Homework. Sunday School started back up at my Church so I am there on Sundays from 9-12pm working with rambunctious, doughnut/sugar filled preschoolers who don’t always remember to use the bathroom, never watch out for where the teachers toes are, especially if the one who loves her flip-flops is right there, and can’t sit still throughout the entirety of story time for three hours. To top it off we normally had around 7 children maximuim…it is now the norm to have 8 children for Sunday school (compared to 1) and 12 for children’s church (compared to 5). Luckily for me my adorable God-Brother is one of my Children’s Church kids and I love him to death. Here is a picture from two Sundays ago!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Preschool Kids-09/22/13

Starting from the Orange shirt Kid and going clockwise I’ll name them, the girl with the purple shirt in the back is my fellow teacher, Jake, Scott, Liam, Ian “Moose” Maverick ( I call him Maverick), Henry, Haven, James and Jackson. Jackson and Haven are siblings and Jackson and Henry have been friends since before all three of them were adopted from Uganda back in January!!! Henry has an Older sister Maria who was also adopted from Uganda. The siblings were taken in by two very nice loving families from our church and I am glad to have three of them in my class. I can always expect a giant Hug from Henry and Jackson whenever I see them!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

This past week has brought on new difficulties. I had a cold so all of my kid were wary of me, because I wore a mask, ย until they heard my voice, or lack there of, and decided to tease me for the rest of the time. Henry and Jackson decided that I was an evil monster and that they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael and Leonardo. I would sit down and they’d tackle me to the ground, loving the fact that since I couldn’t talk above a low voice more then suitable for a prepubescent boy all that came out of my mouth when i tried to do a mini scream of surprise was this breathy nothingness. It was quite embarrassing, but then again I have done worse for these kids, which reminds me once again of my need for Jennifer to take a picture of me as Le Boing Boing. So besides that I have been stuck at home with a cough, sore throat, stuffy and runny nose and I have had to miss 2 rehearsals because I can’t get the rest of the cast sick.

I am also going to be participating in Rochelle Barlow’s Learn ASL in 31 days Blog project!!! No not as a featured writer, but as someone who is very interested in learning!!! Today is the second day so you wouldn’t have to much to catch up on since yesterday was just the alphabet!!! And I found out that some of the one’s for today I had already known!!! Those were, Stop, No, Yes, Please and Thank You!!!

Also I don’t think any of you can understand my immense joy of having this for a refrigerator: The Foodie Ghost

A foodie in his life time, he now spends his afterlife keeping the food, of two otherwise normal Huntington Beach natives, cold.

A foodie in his life time, he now spends his afterlife keeping the food, of two otherwise normal Huntington Beach natives, cold.

And this Cheeky little Peeping Tom: Seymour

Couldn't get enough of peeking in windows during his lifetime, he is now destined to live inside of a toilet, never fully being able to do anything but watch.

Couldn’t get enough of peeking in windows during his lifetime, he is now destined to live inside of a toilet, never fully being able to do anything but watch.

Lorelai and I found these wonderful ideas on Pinterst and we love them!!! although don’t go screaming bloody murder when you pass Seymour in the middle of the night like I did…He can be scary in the dark when you’re seeing him out of the corner of your eyes!!!

Speaking of Halloween? Have any of you gone to check out my Mother’s Pumpkin Carving Contest? No!!!!! In the word’s of my favorite Knight Bus Conductor, Come on, Come on, Get a Move on then!!! Also Go check out her Pumpkins from Halloween’s past!!! I am going to try and focus on getting my self linked up to things like Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook for you guys to have more access to me, but since I have already mentioned that I am an absolutely horrid blogger, I have no idea when that will happen…

As the month of October continues I will follow Rochelle’s Blog, I will continue with the rehearsal’s for Act 2 of Little Shop of Horrors, I WILL get over this cold, I will work on my dreaded Math and tedious Biology Homework, I will try and tame my absolutely annoying flyaway hair, I will work on editing my book ( I managed to finish chapter 15 of 25 yesterday), and I will try not to go insane of aggravation from both of my parents. I am also very happy to report that after 2 and a half years of no TV in our house Luke put up an Antenna and I can now watch some TV!!! I am very happy to have my Criminal Minds back!!!


Have a good week!!!! Read some books!!! Its fall after all!!! ๐Ÿ˜€