Gettin’ Crafty!!

I recently came up with the idea to add on to one of my previous crafts, but to begin I should do a little bit of explaining before I loose you all.

I write stories, have been since i was 11, and I got really serious about it two years ago this November. One of my stories, which I am currently editing to prepare to send of to a publisher, has a sequel already in the works and half way written, but there is one scene in that second book which talks a little bit about a character having made these embroidery floss bracelets. I decided to make these bracelets in real life. The first one is done and the second one being worked on…both of them have a characters name on it. About a week ago I found my embroidery bracelet box again with the half finished bracelet still taped to it and a though crossed my mind. Why not make a bracelet for each character!

I had a template that I made for the second bracelet somewhere within my Scrivener, a computer program that holds all of your stories if you are a writer, but I had forgotten where I put it. So I went online and looked at all the different styles of friendship bracelet making and how to do cool things with it, but I couldn’t find anything close to what I was looking for so once again I made my own template, this time in a notepad so I could find it again easily. I put the names into columns something like this….






Let’s just say it looked a lot better in my notepad, seeing as it actually looked like the letter A, but this was the basic template. I used the preview mode before publishing to try and make it look a little better, but there wasn’t much I could do. Putting everything side by side on the notepad, with a small space in between to distinguish where each started and ended, gave me a look at how long they’d be compared to other names…needless to say a three letter name is much shorter then a name with 10 letter in is. Eventually the look gave me an idea. I added more of the names to it and I smushed everything together into one single template. It could be kind of like a picture! As I thought more about the idea it suddenly dawned on me that Friendship bracelets curl beyond control because of the immobility of the material and how tightly the knots are made. So what could I use instead?

Yarn! What if I used yarn!! surely the material would be flexible enough to not curl and be more mold-able right!!! But how would I go about using the yarn as a substitute…surely there are differences when doing this sort of thing. So I went to the only place where you can find anything out. The Internet. Ironically enough though no one it seemed had ever though to use yarn instead of embroidery floss for friendship bracelets!!! Needless to say that for once the internet had let me down, but the idea still stands!! Once again I put on my ‘thinking cap’ and tried to figure something out.

Surely with the magnitude of how many strings across the top of the picture I would have to separate everything into pieces so I figured okay I can make strips out of this and find a way to tie it all together! Sounds simple, but a simple strip would still be on average 20 stitches across….a total of 40 strings with the method I would use, making this no longer a simple thing. I would have to have at least three separate knots at the top of a strip before braiding them all together…..and how much yarn would this take!!! At the rate this was going it was going to be about a quarter of the size of my mattress!!!!!!

Mattress? Mattress!!!! That’s it!!! I will make it larger!!! At least twice the size!!! I hadn’t even accounted the thickness difference between the two strings!!!! Add on the thickness of the yarn and the whole thing quadruples!!!! It would be big enough to cover up my mattress thereby giving me my solution!! I would make a blanket out of this!!! So suddenly this whole craft has gone from being bracelets, to being large bracelets, to being a picture, all the way to being a blanket!!!

I have no idea how much time, energy, ingenuity or money this is going to take…..but I am very excited!!!!!! I have my template all set out and ready for me, at least three colors, maybe more, but I have a feeling this is going to end up looking either really amazing or absolutely horrible!!!! Either way, if I get this finished, I am going to feel very proud that I completed such a large project!!!! Wish me luck!!! And if you can think of anything that would help my quest please let me know!!!!!!


TTFN!!!! Ta Ta For Now!!!!!!!


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