Movie Marathon Week…uh, I mean…Camp

Sunday I left home to go to a Movie Marathon Week with my friends….oh, I mean Camp….and I will be here for a few days. We have quite the set list lined up on movies to watch!!!



Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

Star Wars


Underworld: 4

Lord of the Rings: 4

Harry Potter: 8

Star Wars: 6

TOTAL HOURS: 51Hrs 50 Min

Underworld: 6 Hrs 47 Min

Lord of the Rings: 12 Hrs 7 Min

Harry Potter: 19 Hrs 39 Min

Star Wars: 13 Hrs 17 Min

Boy do we have quite a week in store for us……..and this morning we had quite an adventure, Marty and I, waking up Lane……..she managed to get a knife in her possession and things got ten times more entertaining!!! She hates being woken up and Marty had yet to wake her up……..oh boy was I dying of laughter!!!!

So this is the last of my coverage for now on the Movie Marathon Camp!!!!

Rory Gilmore,

WordPress Blogger for Gilmore News.


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