Gettin’ Crafty!!

I recently came up with the idea to add on to one of my previous crafts, but to begin I should do a little bit of explaining before I loose you all.

I write stories, have been since i was 11, and I got really serious about it two years ago this November. One of my stories, which I am currently editing to prepare to send of to a publisher, has a sequel already in the works and half way written, but there is one scene in that second book which talks a little bit about a character having made these embroidery floss bracelets. I decided to make these bracelets in real life. The first one is done and the second one being worked on…both of them have a characters name on it. About a week ago I found my embroidery bracelet box again with the half finished bracelet still taped to it and a though crossed my mind. Why not make a bracelet for each character!

I had a template that I made for the second bracelet somewhere within my Scrivener, a computer program that holds all of your stories if you are a writer, but I had forgotten where I put it. So I went online and looked at all the different styles of friendship bracelet making and how to do cool things with it, but I couldn’t find anything close to what I was looking for so once again I made my own template, this time in a notepad so I could find it again easily. I put the names into columns something like this….






Let’s just say it looked a lot better in my notepad, seeing as it actually looked like the letter A, but this was the basic template. I used the preview mode before publishing to try and make it look a little better, but there wasn’t much I could do. Putting everything side by side on the notepad, with a small space in between to distinguish where each started and ended, gave me a look at how long they’d be compared to other names…needless to say a three letter name is much shorter then a name with 10 letter in is. Eventually the look gave me an idea. I added more of the names to it and I smushed everything together into one single template. It could be kind of like a picture! As I thought more about the idea it suddenly dawned on me that Friendship bracelets curl beyond control because of the immobility of the material and how tightly the knots are made. So what could I use instead?

Yarn! What if I used yarn!! surely the material would be flexible enough to not curl and be more mold-able right!!! But how would I go about using the yarn as a substitute…surely there are differences when doing this sort of thing. So I went to the only place where you can find anything out. The Internet. Ironically enough though no one it seemed had ever though to use yarn instead of embroidery floss for friendship bracelets!!! Needless to say that for once the internet had let me down, but the idea still stands!! Once again I put on my ‘thinking cap’ and tried to figure something out.

Surely with the magnitude of how many strings across the top of the picture I would have to separate everything into pieces so I figured okay I can make strips out of this and find a way to tie it all together! Sounds simple, but a simple strip would still be on average 20 stitches across….a total of 40 strings with the method I would use, making this no longer a simple thing. I would have to have at least three separate knots at the top of a strip before braiding them all together…..and how much yarn would this take!!! At the rate this was going it was going to be about a quarter of the size of my mattress!!!!!!

Mattress? Mattress!!!! That’s it!!! I will make it larger!!! At least twice the size!!! I hadn’t even accounted the thickness difference between the two strings!!!! Add on the thickness of the yarn and the whole thing quadruples!!!! It would be big enough to cover up my mattress thereby giving me my solution!! I would make a blanket out of this!!! So suddenly this whole craft has gone from being bracelets, to being large bracelets, to being a picture, all the way to being a blanket!!!

I have no idea how much time, energy, ingenuity or money this is going to take…..but I am very excited!!!!!! I have my template all set out and ready for me, at least three colors, maybe more, but I have a feeling this is going to end up looking either really amazing or absolutely horrible!!!! Either way, if I get this finished, I am going to feel very proud that I completed such a large project!!!! Wish me luck!!! And if you can think of anything that would help my quest please let me know!!!!!!


TTFN!!!! Ta Ta For Now!!!!!!!


Home Remedy: Sunburns

Its a perfectly wonderful time at the pool, nothing could be better then taking a dive into a cool pool on a hot summers day, but its been four hours since you put on sunscreen and your euphoric state has left your mind empty of your mother’s constant warnings. Your skin is getting a bit warmer then normal, your face and shoulders feel a bit itchy when you move them and people are commenting that you look a bit pink.

You have now got a Sun Burn and it will only get worse as the day progresses, but what do you do?

Here is my helpful little tip that I found, and I have personally had to use it within the past week and my lobster red sunburn is already gone, leaving behind a bit of a tan.


What you need:

Tea Bags (any kind will work, or so I have found, but Peppermint works the best.)


2 Paper Towels

Aloe Cream or Gel (if available)


What to do:

1. Have two cups, fill one with some water and the other with some freshly brewed tea. it does not matter if the tea is still hot or not when you use it. Keep the tea bag off to the side to use later.

2. Take your paper towels and split them up into four, you will need them for specific uses.

3. Wet one of your four pieces of Paper Towels with the tea and let it soak through the whole thing. Wring it out just enough to keep it from dripping, but keep enough inside that when pressed some will still come out. You will then gently rub the towel over the affected area.

4. Repeat step 3, this time using a new paper towel piece and water.

5. Take your third piece of paper Towel and pat dry the affected area. The fourth piece is left to set everything on so that your counter doesn’t get to sticky or wet.

6. Perform steps 3-5 at least once more, but you can add a third or fourth time if you wish.

7. Once you have patted the area dry for the last time take your Aloe Vera Gel or Cream and gently rub this over the affected area. Aloe is a great healing agent and will help heal it faster.


None of this relives any of the pain right away, but you will see immediate reduction in the redness of skin and faster healing over all.

Just last Wednesday I had to use this after I went to a pool party and forgot to reapply after being in the water for two hours…by the end of the night I was as red as a lobster. I went home and immediately started doing this and only remembered towards the end of it that my father and I had bought some aloe cream that was supposed to soften the skin, but I knew aloe helped to heal so I put some of that on. Before I was even done that first night I could already see a visible reduction of redness and after doing it again the next morning you could see I was still a little pink, but my Mother’s Birthday pictures don’t even show it.

By Saturday all of the redness was gone and so was most of the pain, I still peeled on Sunday, but by that night everything was gone. I only had to deal with 3 days of pain and by the third it wasn’t even to bad. Try out this remedy and let me know how it works for you!! I hope I was able to relieve some of your Summer stress!!

Also, since I haven’t done this since my first post, if you are in the market for a good read I would suggest one of the following.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hogsden Burnett

The Little Princess by Frances Hogsden Burnett

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Happy Reading!!!

Movie Marathon Week…uh, I mean…Camp

Sunday I left home to go to a Movie Marathon Week with my friends….oh, I mean Camp….and I will be here for a few days. We have quite the set list lined up on movies to watch!!!



Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

Star Wars


Underworld: 4

Lord of the Rings: 4

Harry Potter: 8

Star Wars: 6

TOTAL HOURS: 51Hrs 50 Min

Underworld: 6 Hrs 47 Min

Lord of the Rings: 12 Hrs 7 Min

Harry Potter: 19 Hrs 39 Min

Star Wars: 13 Hrs 17 Min

Boy do we have quite a week in store for us……..and this morning we had quite an adventure, Marty and I, waking up Lane……..she managed to get a knife in her possession and things got ten times more entertaining!!! She hates being woken up and Marty had yet to wake her up……..oh boy was I dying of laughter!!!!

So this is the last of my coverage for now on the Movie Marathon Camp!!!!

Rory Gilmore,

WordPress Blogger for Gilmore News.

The Trip of a Lifetime!!!


The Trip of a Lifetime!!!

Every college kid plans on going down to see Mardi Gras first hand at some point in their life, right? well my best friend, Lane and I have been talking about our trip for over a year now and last night we managed to crank out some pretty good solid plans within three hours!!!

We figured we would make a whole big trip out of it and go on a road trip going through a total of 7 states so far, not including our home state of Sunny California…and while looking through Google map to see if there was a way to save it…I found this!!!

An embed-able map that you can post onto your site!!!! I originally had the first and last two destinations as Lane and I’s address but to keep all you little stalkers away I put it as Orange County.

We put along our route some famous places to visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Grand Canyon

The Four Corners

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Amarillo, Texas

Our best friend Marty’s College to be, Baylor University

Houston, Texas

and finally,

The French Quarter!!

We have a few stops along the way that we want to make as well, for instance, Lane has been addicted to the show Diners, Drive In and Dives and we plan on stopping at a few of those places if they are along our way. We are also going to go paint balling at Aggression Paintball in Amarillo either on the trip there or on the trip back depending on what days we would be passing through there.

We also hope to have my Father, Christopher, help us out a little bit by maybe using the family discount at hotels under the command of his hotel’s chain, Starwood. It is going to take quite a lot of money which we will start budgeting how much we might need soon and we are going to try and pay for this all by ourselves. It is going to take a while…what I estimate to be about 15 days…but it should be one of our favorite memories ever. We plan on having a lot of fun!! Hopefully we can crank out our budget soon!!!