2:00 am…….Post. Of. TERROR!!!!!!

Let me tell you all a tale…..A tale of horror…..A tale that will chill you to the bone…..

Our story begins in a young teenage girl’s bedroom. She is lying there all comfy, pillows propped up and the bed coming undone a bit from movement, she has her laptop in her lap as she sits there multitasking. The year: Two Thousand and Thirteen. The Time: 12:42 pm, a time that shall live in infamy. As this young girl sits on her computer, messaging a friend on Face Book and reading on her favorite book sharing website, she has no clue of the danger that awaits her when she finally decides to go to bed. She says goodnight to her friend, Marty. She finishes reading a chapter on her newest read. She gets ready to close the computer before she can get tempted to read some more. Placing the computer on a nearby table that she has had since she was a child to play on she prepares her desk to hold the clothes she has had at the foot of the bed all day. Picking up small piles she sees no harm in the first two batches, but it is the third that makes her scream.

For out of this measly pile of a pair of jeans and a shirt comes jumping out a huge, thick bodied, black spider. The girl drops the clothes with a shriek that is foreign to her ears. Normally the case being she gasps and backs away, she was surprised that she had uttered the sound, but then again not as surprised as the fact that the spider jumped from a mere inch from her hand back onto her bed. Thoughts go racing through her head as she stands there frozen, staring at the creature that had caused her heart to race and was still making it beat as furiously. Did she touch it? Did it come close to crawling on her hand? Did it crawl on either of the feet that she had near the clothes? What on Earth was she going to do to get rid of it?

Suddenly her mind was made up as the thing that held her terror started to crawl back towards her clothes, wanting to hid in the folds of the semi warm cloth to avoid the light. She raced to the bathroom, flicking on the light, and grabbed a Kleenex from the box on the tank of the toilet. Rushing back to her room she could see that the spider had almost made it to her destination. Holding back her terror until she could get rid of the accursed thing, she quickly snatched the creature off her bed, only to have to drop the tissue onto the floor.

The girl had found upon closer inspection that when she had grabbed the arachnid from her sheets she hadn’t fully grasped him and he was about to crawl onto her thumb. After throwing the tissue to the ground the black spot moved out from underneath it in a hurry. The girl knew she had to act quickly before he disappeared somewhere inside of her room. She picked up the tissue once more and grasped the spider firmly in her clutches. She heisted for only a moment before running into the bathroom and flicking up the lid of the toilet. She tried to throw the tissue into the bowl, but it wasn’t wanting to leave her fingers. The girl barely managed to keep her hand over the water as the creature body fell inside, closely followed by the tissue. Before anything else could happen she flushed it, sending it to it’s watery grave.

The girl walked back inside the room she had come from, afraid of what else lurked on her bed. She grabbed her blanket and ran to her father’s old room to spend the night as she had a few nights prior. She thought back on the recent events in her life. She had been terrified by a total of five spiders within two weeks, two of them being Daddy Long Legs while the rest were the thick bodied ones she had encountered that night. The first to attack was a daddy long leg, jumping out at her as she tried to open the door to her garage and upon failure of landing upon her hand immediately jumped back to the cutting boards. That night ended after an hour long battle against the creature, ending when he made the fatal mistake of going to the sink drain where the Girl scalded him to death.

The next terror filled night had been only three days ago when the second Daddy long leg had crawled up her arm, surprising her into breaking a glass of fruit juice. When the girl had relocated after picking up all of the glass she went to her room, only to find a thick bodied spider upon her ceiling. Terrified after the first encounter of the night she relocated once again to her mother’s room. Shortly after her arrival there another thick bodied spider made itself known to her and she had to move into what she believed was the last hold out, her father’s room.

She had had five run ins with spiders in the past two weeks, three of them she was convinced were attacks upon her person. As the girl sat on her father’s bed, pillows propped up, a blanket underneath her to protect the uncovered mattress, and typing away on her computer, more thoughts plagued her mind. Could their be another one waiting for her in here? Could she met with one tomorrow while hanging out with one of her friends? Would she be able to sleep at all tonight? But the one thing that plagued her mind most of all was that if these past two weeks had shown anything the spiders were upping their attacks and if they showed themselves again after three days, just how soon was it until their next attack? Dun Dun DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is the end of my tale of the past two hours and thus the conclusion to my 2:00 am………Post. Of. TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s in your bed tonight?………


2 thoughts on “2:00 am…….Post. Of. TERROR!!!!!!

  1. Bwahaha! I feel for you. I’m terrified of spiders, but this is a HILARIOUS post! šŸ™‚

    • rory17 says:

      Fine………….laugh at my pain mother……….my two best friends haven’t done that enough!!!! :'(……………….although i seem to remember a deviously wicked spider story of yours!!!!!! 3:)……….maybe you should post about that on your page!!!!!!!!!!

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