PPS…Or…My Last Day as a Kid…(According to the Law)

Today…..the last of an age. Tomorrow…..The beginning of a new one. The sunset tonight will signify this for me. The light dimming, signifying the end of something, only to return with the promise of new adventure……

It feels odd to think that tomorrow I will be considered an adult under the law. I believe myself to have, what I affectionately call, Peter Pan Syndrome. I don’t grow old. I have been a kid all my life and though in some aspects I have grown up and had to be very adult, but I never wanted to be an adult. As a kid I promised myself that I would never grow up and become a stuff adult, no matter how old I get, and I have managed to do that…people call me a giant kid.

But on closer look at my life lately I have found that not once have I climbed a tree and when I have tried I get deterred by spiders, I have been correcting my own grammar along with others, I have worn quite a few serious expression this past week and past few months, I have found myself looking older, and not once have I run away from these things. I guess the most shocking part of this is, I am still one of the biggest children I know!

When I went onto YouTube this evening to find songs for this I already knew I was going to grab “I won’t grow up”, but I was looking at another song and found it to be saying exactly how I have been feeling lately. This girl has a really good voice and the lyrics actually have a message compared to something that just sounds good…

I guess we will see how tomorrow goes….my big 18 plans are pretty much going to Al’s with Christopher and Kirk….oh joy….and then spending the day watching movies with Lorelai and Luke…hopefully. I don’t know for sure if that’s what we are doing….but its what I hope for. It may not be the special event that Lorelai was hoping for, but it is absolutely perfect to me!!!!

I’m off to enjoy my last few hours as a 17 year old by watching movies and reading online!!!


6 thoughts on “PPS…Or…My Last Day as a Kid…(According to the Law)

  1. Angie says:

    Hope you have a Happy 18th Birthday!!!!

  2. Coming over from ife with Lorelai to wish you a Happy Birthday! I’m with you on growing up. I didn’t want to grow up either. 🙂

    • rory17 says:

      Thank you very much!! I really don’t want to grow up, but it is inevitable…I guess I have to settle for being a child at heart!! 😀

  3. Happy 18th Birthday! I love the Peter Pan song by Jacqueline Emerson. I hope you have a wonderful day… Love you, Ladybug. xoxoxo

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