Guys & Dolls and Cleaning.

So the past few days i have been swamping my mind in a few things.

The Movie: Guys and Dolls

Cleaning my Room……-_-


These things have kept my mind off things around my house and life. Guys and Dolls has satisfied my need to have constant noise in the background combined with Frank Sinatra and Broadway music. Cleaning my room has satisfied my Lorelai’s need to clean up the whole house. And my writing has kept my mind and hands busy with a story I started working on back in May 2012.

I am close to being half way through my editorial process of that book and i will be glad to delve back into writing its sequel. I am hoping to get the rest of the book through my first wave of editing before my birthday. The next wave will involve me going over and just making sure everything flows right and is exactly how I want it to sound and the last wave will involve a grammatical and spelling error check, inside of Microsoft word compared to my Scrivener, before I feel 100% done with it.

I have…oh lets see…7 is 28…14 is the 5th…I have fifteen days left until I turn 18. Dear Lord… Wish me luck!!! 😀


One thought on “Guys & Dolls and Cleaning.

  1. yes, your Lorelai has a need to get the house CLEAN! 🙂

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