Party Invite Blues

You know that moment in Elementary school when the popular kids would hand out their Birthday Party invites during the few moments before the bell would ring and everyone had to take their seats? Remember the feeling when they wouldn’t even look in your direction because you weren’t invited? The feeling of when the last envelope left their hands and you had yet to gain one of the prized invites?

Well that was my feeling today when my Father, Christopher, when he took me to the movies today. Normally going to the movies with him is something really fun, something his side of the family always enjoys because Grandma Francine (God bless her) was obsessed with them. Pretty much with my dad’s side if you haven’t gotten the top movie shakedown, you aren’t a Hayden. Anyway, today he took me to the movies and decided to give me the information on what he was  doing for the past few days.

So yesterday my mother told me that he had driven through the neighborhood and went down our street, past our house, and down another street. I then looked at my phone and had found out that I had missed a call from him. I went outside and called him to find him returning to the top of the street and back out the way he came. When he answered the phone he said he was really tired and on the way back home, not even mentioning just how close he was and how he could have stopped by for even a minute to say hi to me.

Then at the movies today he tells me how last night, after he supposedly went back home because he was so tired and couldn’t even stop in for minute to see me, went to the midnight premiere of Man of Steal with my brother, Kirk, and I don’t know who else. I would have liked to have gone to it since I do want to see it, but I barely got a hello, also he had to go past me once again just to go pick up Kirk.

Then he goes on to the lovely tidbit of going to one of our favorite breakfast places, Al’s Pancake World, this morning with his two brothers. Granted I know what they were doing, ogling the Bikini clad girls at the beach, but I still didn’t want to know because I know he takes my brother there without me too.

So now you can see why I had to bring up the simile for the feeling I had today, I still have half a mind not to see him despite the holiday tomorrow, and I am about ready to just crash on my bed and sleep through the whole day tomorrow.

I guess I will end my rant with this little tidbit I thought up today on the ride home from Target where my mother and I bought Father’s Day cards for Luke and Christopher. My brain is the egg  that is fried on the sidewalk we call summer.


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